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Loan Information and Programs

Helping Nevadans Feel at Home

Home is Possible grant program helps make the dream of home ownership a reality for qualified Nevadans. Introduced in 2014, this program helps those who can afford a market rate mortgage, but whose savings fall short of the amount needed for entry costs. The grant amount is up to 5% of the loan amount covering down payment and closing costs. The grant never needs to be repaid.

Key Benefits

  • Fixed interest rate 30-year loan - current rate click here

  • No first-time home buyer requirement

  • Grant is non-repayable

  • Must be home buyer's primary residence

  • Available state-wide

  • No asset limits for home buyers

  • Now offering a 3% grant with government loan types and up to a 5% grant with conventional loan financing

  • Grants are based upon the loan amount and can be used for down payment assistance and/or closing costs.

Program Requirements

  • Minimum credit score of 640 for government insured loans, 660 for manufactured homes and 680 for most conventional loans

  • Qualifying income on mortgage application must be below $95,500

  • Home price below $400,000

  • Home-buyer education course required

  • Must meet normal government or conventional loan underwriting requirements

How to Get Started


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