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Mountain's Edge

Mountain's Edge is a master-planned community within the southwest part of the Las Vegas Valley. Mountain’s Edge is special. First, the community looks on millions of years of mountain building. From the thrust fault which created Red Rock Canyon and Mt. Charleston to the mountains of the south, Mountains Edge showcases rich natural beauty. Plus, nomadic ancient Native American Tribes left markings called petroglyphs at several ancient campgrounds in the canyons around the community.


Mountain's Edge Regional Park


This innovative 220-acre neighborhood park will be implemented in stages. Designed for all ages, there is an activity here to meet everyone's needs. When it's time for a break, there are plenty of enhanced picnic facilities, restrooms, BBQ pits and shade shelters, and even dog water fountains. On weekends, the ice-cream man pays a visit.

Exploration Peak Park

Imagine a playground that consists of a 2,846-foot natural mountain park with an 80-acre western themed park at the base. Hike or explore mountain bike trails leading to scenic vistas including the panoramic view from the peak of the Las Vegas Valley and Mountain's Edge community.

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